Welcome to silas (my) bee site!

"the only site on the internet that hosts all your bee kneed's"

Hi there! my name is Silas Briggs (SB) and I loooove bees and im sure you do two! my family owns bees seasonally so i am a expert. I made this website to share my expertise and my love for bees with everyone on the World Wide Web!

wow this is really good!
picture of a bee i drew just now

my love for bees started when i was just a little guy about 6 years old when i got stung by a wasp and it hurt really bad so i wanted to learn about how they have so much poison!

Silas bee fact: did you know: wasps have enough bee venom acid in it to kil; an animal. wasps are natural predadors to many animals, such as small mice (not big mice) and other bugs like a caterpiller. thats why they have sharp fangs to eat the prey ( the small mouse) after it dies from the acid.

as well as being vicious predators, did you know? honey bees or bumble bees are known for their honey and their fur, which grows on there bodys,